Check out “”…

You should check out, Jad T. Jones’s website:

For those single guys out there struggling to get women…

This guy is the only dating coach on the internet you should be taking advice from. He’s really good and seems to know what he’s talking about. I bet this dude gets a lot of ladies! HA!

I’ll publicly confess that I didn’t have much dating experience. I dated a few women throughout my life but nothing good came out of them. I’ve also had plenty of occasions where women seemed to be interested in talking to me but admittedly, I never went for her — out of fear of women. I’ve also had plenty of crushes on women over the years who had no love for me in return… partly because it was my fault ’cause I never knew much about the dating scene in my life. I think the reason is that I never really had anyone in my life teach me how to pick up women. I am learning about women now and trying to understand them.

I am learning that getting a girlfriend won’t fall in your lap. You have to do the work and it’s your responsibility to get her yourself.

You know how when I talk about how I dance with women and talk to them at wedding parties and at band shows? Well, that’s just me trying to work on my confidence with them. Just practicing my social skills with women and trying to understand them.

I just read Jad’s 35 page free Ebook on how to get a girlfriend on his website, and it certainly woke me up on a lot of things. I’ll definitely try his method on dating. His free Ebook is recommended reading too.

I like how he says it’s okay to talk to any woman you want. I like how he says it’s okay to tell her she’s hot, gorgeous or beautiful right away and I like how he says it’s okay to ask her out right away. That’s another problem I had with the dating scene. I’ve been friends with women before but never had the guts to ask any of them out. He said the secret to getting the woman you want is that you talk to as many women as possible and he said about 7 of them won’t be interested and maybe like 1 or 2 women will be interested. That’s the deal here… meet as many women as you possibly can until you find the one who will actually like you.

I gotta knock it off and grow up! I can go out there in town right now if I wanted and try to talk to as many women as possible. It shouldn’t be that hard to get a girl at all and this guy is making it seem real easy! Some say I can’t get a hot and beautiful woman? Watch me prove you wrong. 😉


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