My scary movie marathon last night for Halloween…

Yes, I did my horror film marathon last night as I said I was gonna do. Started it about 3:00 in the afternoon and ended it at sometime around midnight. I usually don’t watch this many hours of movies but it’s good to do once in a blue moon. It’s a good way to celebrate Halloween.

Movies I watched last night:

Evil Dead 1 and 2 (the originals w/Bruce Campbell)
The Omen (original w/Gregory Peck)
Halloween (original directed by Carpenter)
The Mothman Prophecies

I could have gone all night watching horror films but I ended up getting sleepy around midnight. So after I finished watching “The Mothman Prophecies” (which is a great film by the way, you should check it out, starring Richard Gere)… I stopped and went to bed.

I am not a night owl anymore. I don’t stay up all night like a lot of young people do. I’m used to getting full 8 hours of sleep each night these days. It’s a sign of me getting older… I’m not a kid anymore.

Later tonight, I plan to start watching “Sons of Anarchy – Season 5” on Netflix or watch the last of “Dexter” now that show is on Netflix too.
Hope you all enjoyed your Halloween!


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