Why the Benghazi attack deserves to be the big news story and not Obamacare…

I think all the Obamacare website and the health bill itself is less important than anything else… so I don’t understand why Obamacare is such a huge media frenzy. I know why. It’s because the White House has complete control of the media. Whenever Benghazi is brought up in the news… they’ll do whatever it takes to get our minds off of it. This is exactly how the government protects Obama. This is how they control people and manipulate them. This is why people don’t wanna believe that Obama and Hillary were responsible for the Benghazi attack. It’s all media control. It’s their way of trying to get away with the crime even more.

The Benghazi story is slowly getting huge though… it’s getting there as you remember that Lara Logan story on CBS that was aired on TV not too long ago.

I think the 4 American men getting killed at Benghazi deserve their justices and that’s way more important than anything else going on in government.

I think the Benghazi story will become a huge media frenzy once it’s proven that Obama and Hillary were behind it. The media will be all over it then… trust me on that one. I don’t talk about Obamacare on this site too much ’cause I find it not important… I don’t care about it. I agree that it’s a trainwreck of a health bill but I don’t need to be all over it.

I also think Obama will give himself up and confess to Benghazi once too much information gets out there… give it time. Then maybe Obama will resign as president once he’s finally exposed of the Benghazi crime. He won’t get impeached for Benghazi, I can absolutely see him resigning asap.

This whole Benghazi story is sad. It’s pretty serious stuff and shouldn’t be ignored. You may say that these things happen all the time, we should move on — sure — but the American people never moves on from any crime. All murder victims deserve their justices… it doesn’t matter how long ago it was and doesn’t matter where or how it happened. Would you have liked it if you had friends or family who were mysteriously murdered for no reason and no answers came out of their murders? No… I bet your ass you wouldn’t have liked it and you would want answers yourself… well, the same feelings should apply to the Benghazi victims.

Those 4 men were our fellow Americans and we should care. Those 4 men… Christopher Stevens and the 3 other guys served our country… put their lives on the line protecting us and we should care for anyone who sacrificed their lives.

Can you blame people for blaming Obama for this attack? He was missing in action during the 7 hours this was happening. Wasn’t seen or heard from during that time, and then the asshole flies to Las Vegas after the whole thing was over. That’s pretty much the main reason why we’re all blaming him. Earlier this year, Obama revealed a surprising sealed indictment which he wouldn’t say what’s in it and is even more questionable.

More clues on how Obama may have been responsible for the Benghazi attack, if you closely watch Obama during the press conferences and whenever he’s confronted about Benghazi from the press… Obama was once caught crying… he was also caught stuttering and his mouth moves at times when he speaks about Benghazi.

Obama is still out there ’cause the left-wing government is helping to protect him. I applaud the republicans for threatening Obama to block Senate appointments just to get answers about Benghazi, that’s a ballsy move.

When will Obama/Hillary finally be exposed for Benghazi? I would say sometime next year around 2014 but the sooner the better, though. It’s been a little over a year and while very little information came out of Benghazi… we still got pretty much nothing why? I bet Obama/Hillary are hiding the important evidence somewhere and they have all the survivors/witnesses locked up.

There will be someone out there who knows everything and at some point that someone will come forward.

I will say this though, that Obama has some balls to commit a dangerous crime and then he continues to live his life publicly instead of going out in hiding. Obama is not hard to find at all.

If you think Obama had nothing to do with it… then you’re just ignorant and dumb. I’m pretty sure, almost 100% positive that the Commander in Chief (that’s the president) is only able to give the “stand down” order and nobody else. Military help could have easily been sent there and the whole attack wouldn’t have happened. I seriously believe Obama armed all those men and sent them there to attack the consulate. Obama watched it all happen in a private room somewhere.

You can’t get away with any crime. It’s hard to get away with something bad. You can run and hide all you want to but you will get caught. It doesn’t matter how long it will take. It doesn’t matter if Obama will finish his presidency or not… either during his presidency or after, he’s going to get caught. He’s not gonna get away with this.


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