Was JFK a great president everyone wants him to be??? I’d say no… absolutely not!

Well this Friday is the 50th Anniversary of JFK’s assassination. Only thing though, everyone wants to mistakenly believe that JFK was a great president but was he really? It has always been debatable on whether he was or not but in my opinion, he was not a great president at all. He was a liberal scum bag like the rest of ’em.

Reasons why I think he wasn’t so great…. here’s a list:

1. The Bay of Pigs/Cuban Missile Crisis disasters for starters. After those controversies I don’t see how anyone can respect him as president.

2. He was also the one who got us involved in Vietnam… promised to withdraw troops from that war and didn’t.

3. Him and his brother Bobby also wiretapped Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. because he was campaigning for Civil Rights.

4. Him and his brother Bobby went after the mafia (aka The Mob) which could also be why both of them were assassinated.

5. Kennedy got into politics ’cause he exploited his father’s money.

6. Kennedy lied his head off about his personal health. He had a lot of health problems and wouldn’t tell anyone about them.

7. Kennedy was a womanizer, big time. Cheated on his wife, Jacky, numerous times including Marilyn Monroe being one of those women who he had affairs with.

8. May have been responsible for the death of Marilyn Monroe. Some people say it’s conspiracy theory but I totally believe it. He may have hired people to murder her and cover it up. Her death is being blamed on him because she died shortly after he shut her out of his life.

9. Kennedy may have cheated to get the electoral win in the 1960 election against Richard Nixon.

10. Ngo Dinh Diem, the president of South Vietnam was assassinated while Kennedy was President… this was during the Vietnam War, of course.

That’s about all I can come up with. Every president have had their share of doing some bad and evil things… it shouldn’t matter who’s liberal or conservative. I’m not saying that Kennedy deserved the assassination, he certainly didn’t but he definitely was an evil man.

Kennedy’s history is interesting stuff to learn, though. I enjoy reading about him.


5 thoughts on “Was JFK a great president everyone wants him to be??? I’d say no… absolutely not!”

    1. The reason the Bay of Pigs invasion was a disaster ’cause the original plan was Kennedy was going to send 14,000 exiles to attack Cuban air bases but instead… it ended up being 14,000 exiles vs. 20,000 Cuban troops. Most of the exiles were killed or surrendered but some escaped by sea. The exiles didn’t get any backup or military support to save their lives. That’s why Kennedy is being blamed for this.

      As for the Kennedy’s history with the Mob… it’s clear you don’t understand it. Back in the day, the Kennedy’s planned to go to war against the Mobsters… Carlos Marcello and Jimmy Hoffa. The reason Bobby wanted to go after Marcello ’cause he wasn’t an actual US born citizen and never bothered to become one. Bobby successfully deported Marcello but “illegally”. Marcello sued Bobby for illegally deporting him… he later threatened to kill his brother, JFK.

      He went after Hoffa ’cause he had a plan to kill JFK…




      1. It’s not the President’s job to go after the mafia. It should be the law enforcement or FBI’s job to do stuff like that. Presidents don’t have the authority to go after career criminals. The mafia were very dangerous people and president’s shouldn’t have the right to get into their business… they could retaliate.


    1. Yeah but you guys don’t understand that Bobby was planning to go on an all out war against the mafia. It wasn’t only because he was trying to protect his brother, Jack. Something deeper than that. Deal with it… the Kennedy’s were evil especially Bobby… that dude was ten times more of a scum bag than Jack was.


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