Welp, all of my respect and love for Lady Gaga is gone… and here’s why…

After seeing Lady Gaga trying to promote Obamacare in a positive manner, I’m no longer a fan of hers. Used to “love” her but she’s nothing more but a liberal c**t. Welp, guess I’m gonna have to get rid of her albums in my CD collection. I unfollowed her on twitter and facebook too.  It really bothers me that some people still suck President Obama’s dick. I think she knows that Obamacare is bad. The only reason she did it ’cause she has a new album out and it’s not selling well. She did it to exploit President Obama and try to promote her new record. She’s an obvious Obama supporter. Well if she supports him… then I’m done supporting her.


3 thoughts on “Welp, all of my respect and love for Lady Gaga is gone… and here’s why…”

  1. I will not answer questions about my personal life. My personal life is none of your business. Fuck off.


    1. To clarify things, I’m not saying that I’m no longer supporting musicians who are liberals… not what I’m saying at all. If you read carefully which you guys never do, I’m only ripping those who support Obamacare in a positive manner. I’ll like musicians whether they’re right/left. I don’t give a fuck. I’ll disrespect those who continue to support Obama himself or the Affordable Care Act.

      If you think the Affordable Care Act is a good health law, then you’re delusional. My life is not perfect (nobody is) but I’m never gonna agree with Obamacare no matter if you think it’s helpful with my life ’cause I refuse to support anything Obama. Obamacare is a disaster.

      I can’t stand people who continue to support someone who is a Muslim and not even from this country killing over 100’s of people. All he wants to is destroy America and that’s the end of it.


      1. And another thing to think about, more evidence that all Obama wants is to kill all of us is that Obamacare wants to do just that. Do your research on it.


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