Self promotion and marketing…

I figure if I want to get more views in youtube and get more facebook music fans… I need to promote myself and market myself better. It’s getting worked on. I’ve been plotting out a plan.

You know how in the last few videos I released, at the end, I showed the “” address with fade in/fade out effect and then you hear thunder throughout the outro? Well, that is just part of the marketing. The thunder sounds I just downloaded from a free sounds effects site. I wanted to try some different creative marketing ideas. Something cool and different. I think I’ll end every video like that with the “” text appearing at the end and with the thunder sounds.

I’ll make my facebook music page a little better and I gotta come up with a plan for that. If you want people to see and hear your material, you gotta promote yourself and get the word out.

I’m going to try to think of creative ways. I would like to do a new photoshoot soon so I can make promotional photos and stuff… that’s gonna get worked on. I’ll come up with some ideas.

I kind of want to get myself out there a little better and gonna do all I can. Maybe this is why a very small amount of people support my music ’cause I haven’t been promoting myself that much. I’ll think of something.


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