Seriously, quit knocking my Pete Seeger tribute and grow up…

It’s interesting how those on the left don’t get knocked for saying positive things about Pete Seeger. When conservatives/the right say positive things about him and mourn for his death, they get knocked. Yes, I know Pete was a communist but that was in his earlier years through the 30’s – 50’s, he was a communist party member. Yes, Pete was a die-hard leftist but doing a little research conservatives respected him too. Pete played music and was an activist for all political parties… it didn’t matter if it was left or right for him.

Proof that he was respected by conservatives:

Quote from article: “Many of the local fishermen are very conservative,” notes fellow musician and lifelong friend David Amram, “but they love Pete, because he cleaned up the river. He transcended politics, was way more than ‘left’ against ‘right;’ he was on the side of all people.”

He may have had past communism but does that make him a bad guy? No. I think he may have went through communism for a pretty good reason. On top of that, Pete apologized for supporting communism and Stalin before.

I did the tribute to respect his legacy and his music. Nothing wrong with that is there? I thought Woody Guthrie’s “This Land Is Your Land” was a perfect song for it ’cause Pete and Woody associated with each other in the past so I thought it was a fitting tribute.

Enough of the negativity and bashing. Makes you wonder why I can’t stand a certain few of you ’cause a certain few of you out there are a piece of work and can never get the fuckin’ hint.

It doesn’t matter who is left and right. Anybody can support, love, and respect Pete Seeger. He did what he did for everybody. Cut the childish bullshit.


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  1. I think bone and Pauper are the two biggest douches on the internet and i’m not afraid to say it. I don’t care what you guys think. I think Pete was a great man and sticking with it.


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