One of the Benghazi’s victims father attends “State of the Union” but got nothing from Barack…

Charles Woods, the father of slain Navy Seal, Tyrone Woods who was one of the Benghazi four victims attends Barack’s “State of the Union” expected the President to say something on the Benghazi attacks but of course, Barack haven’t said one word on Benghazi. Charles was hosted and invited by Congressman Jim Bridenstine. See the article, here.

I bet Charles was upset and disappointed that Barack didn’t give Benghazi any acknowledgement. Such a shame. Even if Benghazi wasn’t gonna be the focus, Barack should have mentioned it a little bit, at least.

Charles was in a room full of people that may have been responsible for the attacks. Not just Barack, that whole administration. Charles was in a room full of murderers. Clinton, Susan Rice, Biden, Boehner, etc. They all killed his son.

Not only they ignored Tyrone Woods, he also ignored the other three: Glen Doherty, Sean Smith and of course, Ambassador Stevens. Barack also ignored the rest of America.

If Barack didn’t care to talk about Benghazi, then that shows his guilt. It shows his hatred and shows how evil this man really is.

If he did bring up Benghazi, Barack would have continued to lie about the attacks anyways but he should have at least give the victims a little respect. Instead, he gave Cory Remsburg the spotlight instead of the Benghazi 4.

Barack didn’t bring up Benghazi ’cause he knew that would have hogged up the spotlight at the “SOTU”. It would have been a media frenzy if he brought it up so of course, he would keep quiet about Benghazi.

Benghazi is serious stuff. We have the victims families wondering what happened to their sons and so far nothing has been done. Yet, we have the real killer standing at the podium giving a speech at the SOTU. Welcome to America.


3 thoughts on “One of the Benghazi’s victims father attends “State of the Union” but got nothing from Barack…”

  1. It doesn’t matter how long ago it was or how long it will take. We’re gonna get to the bottom of Benghazi. Whether Barack finishes his presidency or not, we’re still gonna get him either way.

    If the SOTU was about the future of America, bringing up Benghazi would count and would be worth bringing up.

    Stop defending this dictator and “communist”.


  2. Both bone and Pauper are pieces of ignorant shits. Of course, Benghazi can be talked about at a State of the Union. A terrorist attack of any kind would be considered part of the “state of the union”. If a terrorist attack is US related, if it has something to do with the US… then it would be a part of the “state”. Benghazi has something to do with us so it would absolutely be allowed to be brought up at the state of Union.

    Past presidents have talked about terrorists attacks in the US and other countries in past “State of the Unions”.

    bone and Pauper are both liars.

    You guys know nothing about politics.


    1. You guys know that the president can talk about Benghazi at the State of the Union. That’s the president’s job, he’s supposed to bring it up but he didn’t. Why? Because he didn’t want to. That’s it.


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