It’s interesting how the mainstream media forgets, “The Day The Music Died”…

Whenever Elvis Presley’s birthday or anniversary death comes around, the media and the internet is all over it; however, when “The Day The Music Died” anniversary comes around… it is ignored by everyone. I’ve never forgotten that tragic day: Feb. 3rd, 1959, and I’ll always remind people of it every  year.

America should care about this day and deserves to be known. Why? Because that day truly was the day the music died. These three musicians changed the world of music forever. These three are the reason why music is here today. They are the reason why we all love music and why many of us are musicians. If these three musicians: Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper, and Ritchie Valens weren’t around then Elvis and the Beatles wouldn’t have been around.

It’s a shame that Ritchie’s life and music career was cut short. Ritchie would have had a big music career indeed… he could have been just as big as Elvis and The Beatles. I’ve always been interested in Ritchie’s life story and music.

Today’s music generation certainly have forgotten rock n’ roll in the 50’s. Everybody wants to focus on today’s pop music.

Everybody should learn about “The Day The Music Died”. It’s an important piece of music history we should all learn and know. This day is called, “The Day The Music Died” for a reason as Don McClean called it in his song, “American Pie”.

I love the Ritchie story and the movie “La Bamba” w/ Lou Diamond Phillips (Yes, that movie is accurate on Ritchie’s story). If you’ve forgotten about this important piece of history in music, learn.

When will I make a video tribute to the Big Bopper? Maybe I’ll do that for next year’s Feb. 3rd. How’s that sound?


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