George R.R. Martin releases sample chapter for “Winds of Winter” (Game of Thrones book 6)

I’m a huge Game of Thrones fan. Love the books but HBO could do a better job with the show. Honestly, I still am a fan of the TV show, I just wish they would improve the writing. I don’t like how the TV show is leaving a lot of stuff out and changing the story around, altering characters. I think the books are way better.

I’m looking forward to the next Thrones book, though. Which would be book 6 of the Song of Ice and Fire series: “Winds of Winter”.

George R.R. Martin released a chapter from the book which I haven’t read yet but will get around to it. The cover of the next book have been released too:

I’m not sure when the book is coming out ’cause the article didn’t say of a release date but I’m sure the book will come out sometime later this year.

Seriously… if you like the TV show on HBO, I’d suggest you read the books ’cause like I said, the books are way better. It’s way more intense and unpredictable than the show.

Usually George takes a long time in between books but I think he’s in a hurry now ’cause of the show. He doesn’t want to keep HBO waiting for the next book.


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