If you want more women, get yourself a six pack…

It should be no secret that women love men with six pack abs. If you want to attract more women, getting a six pack is recommended. While a lot of men are into bodybuilding, fitness… a lot of them either struggle to get a six pack or they just don’t care to get it. Why? Getting six pack abs is probably the easiest thing in the world. All it takes is to lower the bodyfat that’s covering it. The key to lowering bodyfat are two things: 1) eating clean 2) doing plenty of cardio (whether biking, walking, jogging, running, etc.). Doing crunches and planks are a waste of time — I don’t do that stuff anymore. I keep my bodyfat low by eating the best I can (still need to get better at nutrition but I eat mostly clean) and I do plenty of biking and sometimes jogging. Avoid sugars, fatty foods. Eat proteins and more vegetables. Drink a lot of water and hot green tea. Hot green tea will help lower the bodyfat. I drink a hot cup of green tea every morning.

I try to recommend guys who work out get a six pack but some of them just don’t care to like I said. It’s crazy, ya know?

Guys should get a six pack. When you do, you’ll get a great response from people around you. You would even attract the hot looking ladies!!!

I know women don’t necessarily like men with gigantic muscles but they do love six pack abs on the guys, though.

I’ve gotten more responses from mostly women on my physique like crazy and it’s such a cool feeling, ya know? I’m not afraid to go shirtless anymore and made me more confident. The positive feedback gets me motivated to keep going.

I should have no problem getting women at all… I just gotta stop being a shy coward and start talking to women more. I’m working on my confidence around women as you can see and my shyness around them is starting to go away.

Women like guys that can take care of themselves.

A lot of guys neglect the six pack but I didn’t. It feels great to have it. It really does. Women are attracted to six pack abs for whatever reason. Probably “hot sex” is a huge part of it, I would think. I can’t think of no other reason.

There are some guys who want the six pack but they struggle so long to get it. Probably because they think eating and drinking whatever they want and doing crunches/planks is gonna do it for them but it won’t. Eating clean and cardio is key. That’s the secret. A lot of guys in the gym need to quit the alcohol. Sorry but weightlifting and drinking don’t mix. There are a lot of guys that go to the gym but are still obsessed with the drinking. If they want a six pack, they have to cut the alcohol. Alcohol continues to make them fat sorry but that’s the fuckin’ truth, ya know?

It’s pretty awesome that women notice your six pack. Again, I’d recommend it. More women will be flirtin’ with ya and they would probably wanna date you when they don’t want to admit it. The six pack is a good chick magnet for sure!!!



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