Richard Donner confirms Spielberg wrote story for “Goonies II”…

It appears that Steven Spielberg is still involved with the “Goonies” ’cause he wants the sequel to happen just as much as the rest of us. Spielberg came up with the idea of the first movie and he’ll do the same with the sequel. As long as Spielberg is still involved… I’m all for it.

I don’t like the plot idea where the Goonies have kids now and they go on a new adventure. Here we go again with the passing the torch to younger kids. I would rather have the Goonies as full grown adults going on a new adventure together, that would make it more interesting. Having the full grown “Goonies” go on a new adventure with the Fratelli brothers getting their revenge on them is a good plot idea to me.

I can see the sequel having more booby traps similar to the last one except the booby traps will be a little different and more exciting.

Of course, with today’s technology in movie making, you can betcha this movie will be probably be filmed in 3-D and will probably have tons of CGI.

It looks like Richard Donner is committed to moving forward to this.


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