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Sean Astin hints that sequel to “The Goonies” is still being planned…

While celebrating “The Goonies” 30th Anniversary today, Sean Astin hints in his facebook account that a sequel is still being planned. Now a sequel to “The Goonies” is nothing new ’cause director Richard Donner has been planning one for years and even Steven Spielberg is back on board to help out a bit.

Will the whole Goonies cast come back for the next movie? Probably. I would think all the characters from the first movie will be coming back including the Fratelli brothers pictured above. In the photo above is Robert Davi and Joe Pantoliano who played the Fratelli brothers from the first film. I think Sean Astin just gave us a hint of what the sequel is about is that the Fratelli brothers are still after The Goonies after all these years.

The question is will Josh Brolin come back as Mikey’s older brother, Brand? Will Corey Feldman come back as Mouth? I hope so and they probably will ’cause there can’t be a Goonies movie without them.

Will Chunk come back being played by the same actor who is Jeff Cohen? I would think so but the only problem is Jeff is no longer an overweight guy so we probably won’t see the return of the “truffle shuffle”. Jeff is real skinny now and Chunk being overweight like that was all part of the humor for the character so he’s gonna be different now.

Andy, Stef and Data would probably come back being played by the same actors as well.

The whole gang will probably return except for Anne Ramsey who played Mama Fratelli since she passed away. I don’t know if Sloth would be able to return ’cause the actor who played that character passed away too so if Sloth were to return, he might have to get replaced by a different actor.

“The Goonies” is one of my favorite films of all time, though. I loved it ever since I was a kid and seen that movie over a hundred times. I hope they make a sequel and it’s probably gonna happen. If it were to happen, I’m sure it’ll happen sometime in 2016 or 2017. They haven’t even got a script yet, I don’t think so they still got a long way to go to get the project off the ground. Making a movie doesn’t happen very fast… they all take small baby steps.


Richard Donner confirms Spielberg wrote story for “Goonies II”…

It appears that Steven Spielberg is still involved with the “Goonies” ’cause he wants the sequel to happen just as much as the rest of us. Spielberg came up with the idea of the first movie and he’ll do the same with the sequel. As long as Spielberg is still involved… I’m all for it.

I don’t like the plot idea where the Goonies have kids now and they go on a new adventure. Here we go again with the passing the torch to younger kids. I would rather have the Goonies as full grown adults going on a new adventure together, that would make it more interesting. Having the full grown “Goonies” go on a new adventure with the Fratelli brothers getting their revenge on them is a good plot idea to me.

I can see the sequel having more booby traps similar to the last one except the booby traps will be a little different and more exciting.

Of course, with today’s technology in movie making, you can betcha this movie will be probably be filmed in 3-D and will probably have tons of CGI.

It looks like Richard Donner is committed to moving forward to this.



Robert Davi aka Jake Fratelli wants back in for “Goonies” sequel…

Richard Donner exclusively revealed to TMZ that he’s planning a “Goonies” sequel reuniting the original cast and he says it’s definitely happening. Robert Davi who played the opera-singing baddy, Jake Fratelli, exclusively revealed to TMZ that he definitely wants in on the “Goonies” sequel. Robert says he was thrilled to hear that Donner is planning a sequel and is game to coming back if Donner wants him. Robert wants to help write the script and he already has a plot idea for Jake.


Yep, we may see the return of the Fratelli brothers which would be pretty cool! The Fratelli’s searching for One Eyed Willie’s gold seems like a good idea. After all these years, the Fratelli’s are still obsessed with One Eyed Willie’s gold and the reunited Goonies must STOP them. Sounds like a nice plot idea.

Corey Feldman said he was skeptical of the Goonies sequel but says he will be down with it once a script is completed…


What about Josh Brolin and Sean Astin? Will they be down? What about the rest of the gang?

The last time Josh spoke about the sequel was back in 2010 when he admitted they do have a script written but he didn’t say whether or not he’s gonna be in it.


I know a lot of people maybe skeptical of a “Goonies” sequel but it can work with a good story. I’m sure they’ll do a good job and it’ll be just as good as the first one.


Richard Donner the man himself finally confirms, “Goonies” sequel is happening…

I hate TMZ like most people and rarely report anything from them here but I think this one is worth it. For many years, there have been talk of a “Goonies” sequel reuniting the original cast (pictured above). Will we see the return of Mikey, Mouth, Brand, Data, Chunk, Andy and Stef back on the big screen for one more time? Richard Donner says he’s gonna try to bring back everybody from the first movie.


The first “Goonies” is one of my favorite films of all time. I’ve seen that film too many times and it’s one of those movies you can watch over and over again. I loved that movie ever since I was a child. I’m sure we’ll get a lot of complainers and doubters about this… they will be like, “Hollywood is running out of ideas” but to be honest with you, I think a sequel is a good idea.

It’ll be interesting to see what the kids lives would be like years after the events of the first film. I think it be cool if they go on another adventure together and make another pirate discovery like they did in the first film.

Mama Fratelli and Sloth won’t be able to come back because the actors who played those characters died in real life. I can see the Fratelli brothers coming back though. It’ll be kind of cool to see Joe Pantoliano and Robert Davi back as Francis and Jake.

While most of the original cast have moved on to different things… a few of the cast are big movie stars now… there might be a big possibility of them returning. The original cast maybe older but as you can see in the photo above, they still look GREAT together. Josh Brolin would obviously be the biggest star of them all by now, though.

Another thing to keep in mind, the actor who plays Chunk is not overweight anymore so we probably won’t see the return of the truffle shuffle. 😦

I’m all for the sequel. Bring it on! \m/


Report: Richard Donner says “The Goonies” sequel is dead too, not just Lethal Weapon 5…

So Richard Donner shot down the “Lethal Weapon 5” rumours, he also shot down the reuniting of the original Goonies cast for “The Goonies” sequel. Donner and the original cast were game for the sequel in the past, Steven Spielberg was also game for it, Donner said they had a lot of young writers submit work but said none of their scripts called for another sequel. Meaning it’s a polite way of saying that a “Goonies” sequel would suck. Another reason that the sequel to the “Goonies” will definitely never happen is because the cast members are moving on to better careers.

For example, Josh Brolin went on into becoming a huge movie star, starring in films such as “No Country For Old Men” and the new upcoming flick “W.”. Jeff Cohen who played Chunk, is now an entertainment lawyer for Cohen & Gardener. Corey Feldman just released “The Lost Boys II’ sequel direct to DVD and is currently working with Corey Haim for the “Two Coreys” TV show. Sean Astin just completed the Lord of the Rings trilogy a while back and seems like he hasn’t done anything since. I’m not sure what the rest of the cast is up to though.

Donner has plans in adapting “The Goonies” to an on stage musical.

Variety Reports:


I used to want a “Goonies” sequel but I’m actually glad it isn’t happening. It don’t need one. The original “Goonies” film is great the way it is.