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Robert Davi aka Jake Fratelli wants back in for “Goonies” sequel…

Richard Donner exclusively revealed to TMZ that he’s planning a “Goonies” sequel reuniting the original cast and he says it’s definitely happening. Robert Davi who played the opera-singing baddy, Jake Fratelli, exclusively revealed to TMZ that he definitely wants in on the “Goonies” sequel. Robert says he was thrilled to hear that Donner is planning a sequel and is game to coming back if Donner wants him. Robert wants to help write the script and he already has a plot idea for Jake.


Yep, we may see the return of the Fratelli brothers which would be pretty cool! The Fratelli’s searching for One Eyed Willie’s gold seems like a good idea. After all these years, the Fratelli’s are still obsessed with One Eyed Willie’s gold and the reunited Goonies must STOP them. Sounds like a nice plot idea.

Corey Feldman said he was skeptical of the Goonies sequel but says he will be down with it once a script is completed…


What about Josh Brolin and Sean Astin? Will they be down? What about the rest of the gang?

The last time Josh spoke about the sequel was back in 2010 when he admitted they do have a script written but he didn’t say whether or not he’s gonna be in it.


I know a lot of people maybe skeptical of a “Goonies” sequel but it can work with a good story. I’m sure they’ll do a good job and it’ll be just as good as the first one.