Avoid negative people, surround yourself with good ones…


Another good facebook meme worth posting. Like I said before, I seem to attract a lot of negative people and haters. Avoiding them is the best way to go. Why is it that you attract a lot of negative people and haters? Probably because they know you’re a talented person, smart, and a good person. They just want to see you fail at life. I think that’s pretty much it. Whatever you do in life, and if you’re a successful person… if you got all kinds of negative people coming after you… they are probably jealous. I’m sure you’re good at something whether you play music, an artist, carpenter, writer or whatever hobby you have… people are gonna attack you out of jealousy ’cause of your talent. The same thing with successful people in life. If you have a good family and good job and all that stuff… people will still attack you out of jealousy. People will be jealous of you of being happy and staying strong. Don’t let that stuff get to you.

Ignore negative people. When people treat you like garbage for no reason, pretend they’re dead. Act like they don’t exist to you. It works for me all the time. I used to defend myself from negative people but it’s pointless ’cause you’ll never win. If you have heated conflicts and drama with your friends and even your own family members… lose contact with them immediately. Get negative people out of your life.

In facebook, you see so many people complaining and ranting about negative people in their lives and that isn’t gonna make things better for you if you keep defending yourself from negative people.

Avoid the negative people and surround yourself with the good ones. That’s what I do. Surround yourself with people who do care about you and have your back and loyal support, 100%.

When I talk about this stuff, I don’t just do it for myself… I do it to try and help others… thanks to the Ultimate Warrior for this inspiration.

You don’t need to get yourself involved in drama of any kind. Like Warrior says life matters. Make the best of it in life.

Only support the people who love and respect you in return. Believe me, I’ve got plenty of kind people who have had my back throughout the years. Don’t focus on the negatives and enjoy life.


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