I really need to be a “man” if I want to become successful with women…

This is another great video by thePlayerSupreme. Probably the best advice on women.

If you’re too lazy to watch this 20 minute long video, what this guy is explaining is that he wants us men to start being “men” and not being little boys (or little females) to get women. He makes some points that he wants us to stop watching his videos, reading dating e-books and other dating guru sites in youtube — he wants us to go out there… grow some balls and just do it.

If you like a woman… if you think she’s hot, beautiful and gorgeous or whatever — it shouldn’t be all that hard to walk up to her and say, “hi”. Start a conversation from there. As I said before, women won’t bite. They are down to earth people and once you start talking to women, they’ll make you feel like you’ve already known her for years so it shouldn’t be that hard to start a conversation with her.

What this guy says in this video… the truth maybe harsh but worth listening to.

Maybe this is why I haven’t had much experience with women over the years in my life ’cause I am admittedly shy over them but then again, I’m working on “conquering” my fear over women and have been growing more confident over them. He explains that “DOING IT” will help make you become more successful with women. I’ve admittedly made tons of mistakes with women over the years and learning from them. I’m just learning that women aren’t all that difficult and they are actually very easy.

I keep thinking that women won’t date me ’cause I don’t have a good job and don’t have a car/license but that’s just an excuse. I also keep thinking that women won’t date me ’cause they won’t find me good looking. That’s just me being insecure and I gotta stop that. Women will pretty much date any guy who has the confidence. If you have the balls to go up to talk to her, she will be impressed and she will probably like you for that. Be confident, treat her like a human being and with respect… she’ll probably date you. Making women feel “safe” is key to getting her to like you back. Make her feel safe and protected, she’ll pretty much do anything with you.

I would think that people in my life would try to hook me up with a woman but I guess it doesn’t work that way. Women won’t fall in your lap. I guess, I’m on my own that I need to get out there and get her myself.

I really do think I have what it takes to hook up with beautiful women. I think I am capable of loving them and making them happy. I just gotta get out there and prove everyone wrong. I know I can do this.

I’m almost 40 and need to settle in with a nice lady before I get any older.

I won’t pick up women from bars/clubs, though. That isn’t really my thing. I don’t really need a woman who is obsessed with drinking.

I wanna see if I can meet women in public places and help grow my confidence even more. I really need to get rid of my shyness. Gotta get worked on.

Greenwich is a small town. Not a lot to do around here but there are beautiful women all over  the place even for a small town. When I’m shopping at Hannaford grocery store, I see gorgeous women shopping all over the place. There’s Whipple City Festival coming in June in Greenwich so that’s an idea of a place to meet women. I just gotta find things to do in Greenwich where I can meet women. I gotta find some events and clubs and things like that in town. If I don’t wanna meet women at bars, there are other options. You just gotta think and come up with ideas.

This PlayerSupreme guy makes it seems real easy to get women. It probably is easy. Like I said, I just gotta go out there and “DO IT”. See how easy it really is.


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