George W. Bush, finally not blamed for something for once…


When it comes to Obama’s crimes, everyone wants to blame Bush on EVERYTHING. Whenever Benghazi is brought up, people will blame Bush on the 12 embassies that were attacked under his administration and people will blame Bush on 9/11. People will blame Bush on “Operation: F&F”. People will blame Bush ’cause of the bad economy and it’s not Obama’s fault. People will blame Bush for Obama’s NSA spying since Bush started the Patriot Act. You get the deal here. Seems like nothing is Obama’s fault but everything is Bush’s fault.

When it comes to Obamacare… notice how nobody is blaming that on Bush. I definitely noticed it. I haven’t seen one person blame Bush on Obamacare. I’m sure you haven’t seen it either but if you did, correct me if I’m wrong?

Look… Bush wasn’t the best president but HE WAS BETTER THAN OBAMA. You can’t deny that fact. The left doesn’t want to admit it. You can’t compare Bush and Obama together ’cause both are completely different men. Both had different political views. Yes, Bush had his share of committing war crimes and he too did some unconstitutional things but Bush did love the country and did whatever he could to get our protection and freedom.

At least Bush was a more transparent president than Barack. Bush committed less crimes than Barack. Bush wasn’t as obsessed with dropping drones in other countries. Look at the records for proof…. Bush didn’t do that many drone strikes. Barack did it way more.

That’s another way of how Barack gets away with everything, he likes to use Bush as his shield by blaming everything on him. It’s either Bush, FOX News or that he is black… that’s how Obama protects himself. That’s is how you’re letting Barack getting away with this stuff.

It pisses me off that people wanna blame Bush on everything. If people can’t blame Bush on Obamacare, then that makes him completely innocent and harmless.

Obama is totally different than Bush. Obama is extremely dangerous and violent. Bush wasn’t. Obama wants to do things without congressional authority. Bush never did any of that. Bush was pretty faithful to the Constitution while Barack is not.

Everything Obama does is not Bush’s fault. Everything Obama does is Obama’s fault. Obama knows exactly what he is doing and knows what his goals are. All Obama wants to do is to destroy this country. At least Bush never killed people in “mysterious” accidents. Bush never went after people who disagreed with his politics much like Obama does. Bush believed in Freedom of Speech so he didn’t care whether or not the media attacked his politics.

There was nothing wrong with Bush. Blaming Obama’s actions on Bush is pretty ludicrous. Proves that the left are scared to learn the truth how evil and dangerous Obama really is. It’s real sad that not enough people wanna wake up about Obama.


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