Thinking about getting a MIDI controller for Ipad…

I’ve been doing some googling on MIDI controllers, the ones that would allow you to hook-up to the Ipad. I think I’m gonna get myself one of those sometime in the future that way I can make my own backing tracks and have band back-up to my songs. I’ll get a MIDI controller with a keyboard on it and stuff. I don’t know anything about playing piano or the keyboards so I’m gonna have to buy a few instructional books to learn. I actually tried to learn how to play piano/keyboards in the past before a little bit, though.

The Ipad is a very handy tool for musicians and that’s one of the main reasons why I wanted an Ipad. Recording music on an Ipad is much more easier and quicker to record on than the PC. Plus, the sound quality is better and more cleaner than the PC.

I would like to get a MIDI controller so I can create all sorts of cool sounds with my music. I’ll be able to sing over orchestration or a brass ensemble and things like that. I’ve always wanted to sing over piano music too.

I’ve always wanted to learn how to play piano/keyboard/synthesizers and think I will soon.

I’m sure you can find a cheap MIDI controller that’ll cost about $100 or less and I’ve already found some. Maybe this Spring/Summer, I’ll order one.

This is pretty much another reason why I’m trying to learn music theory ’cause if you learn music theory… you’ll be able to work with MIDI much easier and you can make your backing tracks sound good and stay in key all the time.

I’ve always been trying to research and investigate the best ways to work with MIDI and I’ve think I’ve finally found the thing.


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