Gonna start Vlogging again soon…

For my youtube channel, I think I’m gonna start vlogging again soon. Probably this weekend I’ll get back into it. I did it in the past before where I would make video blogs in youtube speaking my mind but I took ’em all down ’cause I wanted my youtube channel to focus on the music only but I feel like I’m gonna start vlogging again so I can get hopefully a bigger audience and more blog readers.

For the vlogs, I will speak on things just like I do on here talk about politics, music, movies, the entertainment industry, celebrity news, etc. Maybe I’ll post a vlog like once or twice a week.

Keep in mind though, that the Vlogs are gonna be no holds barred anything goes discussion. Angry rants, a lot of swearing, etc. Whatever’s on my mind, will get said.

I just bought a teleprompter app for my Ipad that way it can help me speak a lot clearly and that way I won’t mess up a video speech. Teleprompter software will help if you’re not good at speaking well. I’ll admit I do have a slight speaking problem but not too bad. Reading off a teleprompter will help me practice speak a lot clearly.

My first vlog will probably end up being about Benghazi. I figure my thoughts on Benghazi deserves a wider audience and it deserves to get heard more. I’m probably gonna do a lot of liberal bashing so just for you to be aware. It might be a controversial video but the message needs to get out there.


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