More on vlogs…

The name of the teleprompter app that I bought for the Ipad is called Telemprompt+ by bombing brain which is supposed to be the best teleprompter app there is. It is a really good app. I spent some time this morning trying to figure out how I would share my videos from the telemprompt app to youtube and just figured it out. The teleprompt+ app you can read your script while you’re recording on audio/video or both. A couple of weeks ago, I also bought the Imovie app, which is a movie making app for the Ipad. Imovie is another famous app that was created by Steve Jobs actually. I’m glad I got both of these apps ’cause I needed them.

Now I’ll be able to make more professional videos for my youtube channel. I could make videos for the PC and I have been but my PC is a bit slow running and it’s much faster on the Ipad. You don’t have to waste so much time doing all this converting which takes so long. The Ipad would be a lot quicker uploading videos too.

The telemprompt+ app was worth the money too. A bit pricey but really cool and worth it. I’ll start writing the script for my “Benghazi” vlog today. I’m gonna try to make some really cool and professional looking videos the best I can.

I got it all figured out, though. I know how to upload videos from the Ipad to my youtube channel now.

With my Ipad, I can go outside with it and record myself talking during this nice weather. Time to get my youtube channel going again this summer. I like doing all kinds of different things with my youtube channel… live music performances, travelling videos, vlogs, etc.

The Ipad is a great tool. Can be pretty handy for a lot of things. I guess that’s what Steve Jobs invented it for.


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