Does my blogging and criticism on different topics hurt my music? No not at all…

I get this a lot from people. My blogging hurts my music. People mistakenly believes that my music doesn’t go anywhere because of it. When people make up these claims and myths about me… I just ignore ’em and laugh at ’em. I don’t think my online web presence and my blogging will hurt my music at all. Maybe a little bit but not too bad. If it does happen to hurt my music… who cares. It’s not the end of the world.

My blogging is part of what made me a musician. In the past, I got noticed from the Metroland Polls and Metroland Readers Pick two times back in 2006. My blogging helps me get known.

Sometimes being controversial and being honest does good things for ya.

On top of that, there aren’t really a lot of musicians who are upset at my blogging about local music. Maybe some of them are but a lot of ’em are with me about what I say about the music scene. A certain few may whine and cry about my music scene topics but not too many. Yes, I may not “get along with a lot of musicians out there” but who cares. If I’m hated, that’s actually great.

It’s actually kind of good to get a mixed response if you think about it.

It’s a good thing for a musician to blog. It helps expresses yourself. It helps let people know who you are. There are even famous musicians in the music industry who are controversial and honest but it doesn’t hurt their careers at all like look at Ted Nugent for example. The more people are hating on him and the more he gets all of this mixed responses, the bigger you’re making his music career.

My blogging doesn’t damage my music at all. It actually helps. I’ve had more people get interested in me over the years. Plus, there are a lot of adult acting people who don’t take everything I do seriously. Some enjoy everything I write and actually debates with me on various topics like an adult without the bullying and harassment.

Whether you love me or hate me, either way I’m good!!! 🙂 I don’t care about negative and dramatic people. I avoid them like the plague. I ignore all bullshit and continue to do the things that I love to do. Blogging and making music. Nothing’s stopping me from being who I am!

Being honest and realistic is a good thing for a musician to do. Nothing wrong with it.

Anyway, I think more people in this scene is gonna like my new batch of songs that I’m doing. My music is not just for Capital District people. I will welcome new fans/supporters from everywhere. I got supporters from different states in the US and I got some from Nottingham, U.K. who have always been supportive of my music too.

My blogging doesn’t hurt me at all. I’m being realistic and honest ’cause I love being this way. I also do it to entertain people doesn’t matter how controversial my blogging gets. I just like to get people all fired up ’cause it entertains me. I do it to entertain others too. If you don’t take what I do personally, then you would find what I do is entertaining.

I feel no regrets at all for what I do and don’t feel apologetic for my “controversial” web presence. It’s just who I am.


3 thoughts on “Does my blogging and criticism on different topics hurt my music? No not at all…”

  1. I think Ted Nugent is a bad example tho….he was famous thirty years ago for his music first. Since he’s become so outspoken what has he done musically? How’s his career as a musician? Not great.

    1. Actually, he has always been an outspoken and controversial person. He have always been this way. He has always been the same guy even when he was younger. The reason he is the way he is that he’s a huge second amendment supporter and he’s just doing whatever it takes to defend the 2nd Amendment. He loves hunting and that’s why he’s a huge supporter of guns. On top of that, he’s a patriot like most of us and he’s disgusted how Obama is running the country.

      Ted has a new album coming out called, “Shut Up and Jam” and I’m pretty sure it’s gonna sell pretty well. Just watch.


      1. A lot of Conservatives want Ted Nugent to run for President so that’s another reason his controversial web presence is helping him. IMO, there’s nothing wrong with Ted at all. Seems that only liberals hate him. He’s a hero to conservatives but an enemy to liberals.


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