Shane Black directing new “Predator”reboot…

The Predator franchise is trying to be successful so it’s understandable why they have to keep trying. So far the Predator creature have been on the big screen four times. The original “Predator” with Arnold, “Predator 2” with Danny Glover, “Alien Vs. Predator” and the Nimrod Antal directed, “Predators” which also stars Adrien Brody in the leading role.

Yeah, true, Hollywood can’t come up with any ideas lately but I completely understand why Hollywood is obsessed with all of these reboots. Why? Simply because nobody has seen or heard of the original films. Doing reboots helps attracts people to the original films… that’s why I believe they do all of these reboots for past movie characters.

Shane Black is a great director as “Iron Man 3” was a good film so I’m sure he’ll do “Predator” justice. I doubt this will happen but it will be cool if Shane can get Arnold to play Dutch again… not for a leading role but a Dutch cameo appearance would be pretty cool. I read that Shane is after Chris Hemsworth for the leading role. I think that’s a great choice ’cause Chris is a great actor, loved him as “Thor”.

It’ll be cool if Chris and Arnold would team up together for the new “Predator”. Arnold will probably be in it in someway, hopefully.



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