Your inspirational facebook meme for the day…


Here’s your facebook meme for the day.

This is so true. When people treat you badly and then you treat them the same way to show them how it feels… they don’t like it. I know the feeling ’cause I dealt with this online and off, all the time.

Trust me… I’ve had a lot of people treat me like shit ’cause they get intimidated with my online web presence and me as a person. When I call them out and retaliate, they don’t like it. They think they have all their right to talk shit and treat me like garbage. When I do the same to them, they’ll whine and cry about it. Accuse me of slander and harassment when they are the ones who treated me the same way first. When I respond, they usually act like the innocent victim. They make up lies and pretend they have said nothing wrong to me. They always like to make it look like that I started it. I’ve dealt with people like this for years. Interesting how this is, isn’t it???

It is always interesting how others think they have the right to treat you badly but you’re not allowed to treat them the same way. I’m sure they’ve threatened you to court and I’m sure they’ve threatened you to the cops. It happens.

I’m sure you’ve experienced this kind of drama yourself.

I mean, if you decide to treat someone badly, you can’t expect them to respond so kindly. You give them bullshit, you get bullshit in return. That’s how it goes with me. You wanna give me bullshit, I’ll give you bullshit.

Simple as that.



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