Why America haven’t woken up about Obama yet… national media not aggressive on him enough??? I’d say yes…

Alternative media may have been pretty aggressive on Barack Obama but the national mainstream media like NBC, MSNBC, CNN, CBS, etc. are not aggressive on him enough. The only mainstream media outlet who have been aggressive on Obama is obviously FOX News but that’s not enough. I remember when George W. Bush was president, every time he did something bad… the national media was all over it. That’s why most everyone in America were all over cries for George W. impeachment ’cause evil George W. was promoted more heavily than evil Barack. That’s the problem in the mainstream today. Not enough coverage of Obama’s lawlessness. Alternative media like InfoWars, The Blaze, etc. may have been tough on Obama but you don’t see any of that stuff get reported in national media.

I think this is why the left haven’t woken up about Obama yet. It’s because they go by everything they see in the news. The national media doesn’t want to make Obama look bad publicly. Why? It’s because if they did, it might hurt their news networks. They’ll get accused of racism if they report anything negative about Barack Obama. They’re afraid that they could lose ratings and it might put their news career in danger if they report anything negative about Barack, our first black president.

This is part of how Obama is getting away with his crimes and scandals. It’s the national media that is helping him. The national media is protecting him too, no doubt about it. I really do believe that the U.S. Government is controlling the media. Telling them what they can and can’t report.

If these news stations did their jobs. Was more honest. Then America would have woken up about Barack Obama a long time ago and he would have been long gone. Once again, media brainwashing.

When the truth comes out of the Benghazi attacks, it’s not going to be a huge breaking news story. It’ll continue to be a big story for alternative media but not mainstream media. Anything bad about Barack Obama will never be mainstream. The left only focuses on mainstream news and they don’t pay attention to alternative media stuff.

My point being is that mainstream media is less eager to hold Obama accountable. They don’t wanna blame him for his crimes like Benghazi, Operation F&F, NSA, IRS, etc. The national news media DO report those stories but they never put the blame on Barack yet. This is why some refuses to believe that Barack have done anything criminal and impeachable ’cause they believe what they see in national news. None of them wanna believe the stuff that’s reported in alternative media ’cause they believe it’s just a bunch of right-wing bullshit.

This is why I try not to pay attention to national news when it comes to politics. They’re the last thing you wanna believe and trust. Not credible source.


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