“America” by Dinesh D’Souza brief review…

Today I just finished reading Dinesh’s book, “America” on the Ipad. I did end up buying this book for the Ipad ’cause I know I wouldn’t be able to find this book in bookstores. This book was easy to read and it was short so it only took me about three days to read.

This is an important book that everyone in America needs to read. Doesn’t matter the party you’re in. Since that Dinesh is a conservative, this book really isn’t aimed at just conservatives. He talks about both conservatives and liberals. The story of Dinesh’s “America” really isn’t about America disappearing off the globe… it’s really about us going through a transformation by our US government.

Throughout the book, he goes throughout our US history trying to give you a clear picture of what America would have been like if those things didn’t happen. He goes through most of US history, the birth of America in 1776 to what goes on today.

He gets a lot of criticism and hate from liberals accusing this guy of attacking Obama but that’s not the point of this book. The point of this book is just a warning to us all that America is changing but not in a good way. He talks about Obama but this book really isn’t about him. The book is about what’s happening to America. Our homeland.

Dinesh does however gets into deep insight of how Obama turned out to be though. Look up these names: Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, Edward Said and Roberto Unger who are known as the “Founding Fathers of Obama”. They are the ones who made Obama to what he is today. Obama’s Kenyan father, Obama Sr. was also a huge influence in Obama’s goal of transforming America. All of these men associated with Obama in the past.

This is an important book that everyone needs to read. See the movie too. I’ll see the movie when it comes out on DVD/BluRay.

Instead of attacking Dinesh and hating on him, you should actually read his books or see his films. Maybe you would be interested in what he have to say. I respect the hell out of him ’cause he is the master at debating politics and this guy is not afraid to tell the truth even if it gets him in trouble. The things that this guy says about Obama is true and makes a lot of sense. This guy is not a conspiracy theorist like many called him. I enjoy watching Dinesh’s debates and TV interviews. He’s an interesting guy. He is somebody I’d like to meet in person someday.

I suggest you guys to read this book or see the movie. Either one is cool, if you got the guts. When you do, you may actually see that this guy is not all that bad. I would like to see this movie but it isn’t playing anywhere around here so I’ll just wait for DVD/BluRay.

This guy Dinesh D’souza was the one who helped me wake up about a lot of stuff on Obama. Dinesh does a great job. You really should check him out. I’m a huge fan of his work.


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