Phish… I don’t care what anyone thinks about them… they’re still great…

Phish is still getting a lot of haters. I can never understand why. I don’t see any reason to hate Phish. To me they’re just a band like all the others. Just doing their thing. Making music and touring.

The haters and doubters accuse this band of a lot of things… they accuse them of jerking themselves off and being arrogant. They’ve been called by every name in the book by people. They also don’t like how they get fans into drugs and all of that.

I’ve said it repeatedly that it’s not the band’s fault that they get people into drugs. That is how the hippie movement have always been. It goes way back to the 60’s. People have been doing drugs at concerts for many years. It’s called psychedelic. If you think the drugs with Phish is bad… then why don’t you check out the Grateful Dead. Fans and drugs were a lot worse with the Grateful Dead. I know that drugs are a huge problem with Phish, that can not be denied but I don’t care about the drugs, man. It’s about the music. The music is what makes Phish great.

I’ve always respected Phish as I’ve listened to their music for many years and I’ve seen them in concert a few times as well. I still respect the band.

Like I said, I see no reason to hate them at all. They’re just a band, that’s all they are. Their music is just very enjoyable to listen to.

If you want to get a good idea of what the band is all about watch their interview in the video below. It’s good stuff. They seem like nice and down to earth guys. Trey is always smiling and enjoying himself. So why the hate?

I think their new album, “Fuego” is the best album they’ve ever done. You really should check it out and give it a listen yourself. I have no problem with Phish at all.

I don’t understand why that so many people who used to be fans of the band turned their backs on them. I think jealousy is a huge part of that. Phish is getting bigger. They had a 30 year career and the band is still very popular. They still sell out shows. The psychedelic and jam band movement is still alive and well. I never turned my back on Phish. I will always be loyal to them.

Love ’em or hate ’em… Trey Anastasio is a musical genius. Phish deserves more respect for a lot of reasons.


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