Yes, another post about “nude” selfies…

Here’s a well-written article by a woman who is actually defending nude selfies. Like she said it’s not a big deal. Remember, this is coming from a woman who have no problem posing in the nude or topless.

It doesn’t make people “sluts” for doing it. This is what people do in their sex lives. It’s normal. It’s healthy. Everybody does it. Not only women do it, guys do it too.

It’s not a big freakin’ deal people and like this woman in this article says… who cares if people do it! Like I said in an earlier post, I think it’s amazing that people do these things. I’m all for it.

That’s the kind of woman I would like to have someday. A woman who is comfortable and confident in her sexuality. Someone who is not afraid of it.

This is an interesting opinion piece article that you should read. Who hasn’t taken nude pics of themselves??? Look at craigslist… there are nude photos all over the dating sections in craigslist.

I never had a problem with this stuff.


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