Trey Gowdy’s Benghazi Select Committee hires media director!!! GO TREY!!!!!!

Shortly after the Benghazi attack happened, the Sept. 11th 2012 attack became a huge media frenzy after Susan Rice went on all those talk shows to blame it on the video and then Hillary and Barack joined in on the stonewalling. Ever since the Benghazi attack happened, there’s been a lot of dishonest reporting about the attack.

Well, Trey Gowdy is clearly not fucking around at all ’cause he just hired a media director which probably means that he wants the investigations to have more honest reporting in the media. He’s about to expose the media’s lies about the attacks and bring out the real truth.

Hiring a media director is a great idea. Trey is about to lay the smackdown on liberal media who did nothing but lie and cover for the Obama administration. There won’t be any of that in Trey’s team!

Get ’em Trey! This guy is getting serious!


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