Ac/Dc will release “Rock Or Bust” on Dec. 2nd, first new album without Malcolm Young…

Ac/Dc revealed the title of their next album which is gonna be called, “Rock Or Bust” and will be released on Dec. 2nd of this year. After a 41 year long career of Ac/Dc, this will be the first studio album by Ac/Dc without Malcolm Young.

While it’s good news that Ac/Dc is finally releasing a new album this year, it’s also very sad news that Malcolm will not be returning to the band due to his health.

More here:

I know there’s gonna be a lot of whiners and complainers that Ac/Dc is moving on without Malcolm on guitar. There’s gonna be a lot of complaints like, “it’s not Ac/Dc without Malcolm”. Well, I’m pretty sure fans felt the same when Ac/Dc continued on without Bon Scott as singer back in the day. Well guess what, Ac/Dc successfully got away with replacing a singer. I will think they will do the same with the guitarist.

I’m actually interested in hearing what Ac/Dc is gonna sound like with a new guitarist. They’ve had the same style and sound for years with Malcolm as guitarist. So with a new guitarist, I’m sure the band’s sound will be slightly different so it’s gonna be interesting to hear the difference.

Like I said in a post before, founding members of legendary bands leave all the time. It happens in the music business.

These bands continue on without their founding members ’cause that’s what they’re made to do. They have to keep going. They just can’t quit. Like they all say, the show’s got to go on and it’s true. These bands love what they do. They keep going ’cause music is in their blood.

I’m pretty sure Ac/Dc got Malcolm’s blessing to go on without him, anyways. Two rock giants coming out with new albums this year: Ac/Dc and Pink Floyd. I’ll be getting them both.


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