Nude photos or pornographic videos of yourself… if you don’t want that stuff out there, then don’t do it… simple???

It’s a proven fact that people do these things all the time. People taking nude selfies of themselves or homemade pornographic videos. Not just celebrities do it, real people like us do this stuff too. If you honestly believe that people don’t do these things, then you’re lying. I’ve seen people do this stuff before. It’s what some people do in the privacy of their own home. As long as you’re doing it legally and responsibly, there’s nothing wrong it but you have to be careful with these things. If you’re not confident about it and if you’re scared that the whole world may see you naked, then you should have never done it in the first place. Period.

When you take a nude selfie or make a homemade porn movie, someone steals it and puts it on the internet like in a message board, on a website or wherever, you may not have asked for it sure and you didn’t want them to do that… but when you do this stuff you honestly believe that no one else is gonna see this stuff? Seriously??? As soon as you take a nude selfie or make a homemade porn fuckin’ your girlfriend or wife or whatever… chances are that stuff is gonna get seen by someone and it’s gonna get it put out there… whether you like it or not. The internet is a wide open world. A lot of people on here so there’s obviously gonna be a lot of expert and professional computer hackers out there.

You can’t fight privacy, although you want it. What is a simple solution if you don’t want this to happen to you? I can answer that in three simple words. DON’T DO IT!!!! When you take a nude selfie or make a homemade porn movie that stuff is gonna get out there no matter how secure your privacy is. If you don’t want this to happen to you then the nude selfies or porn movies shouldn’t have existed in the first place. Having privacy means having some self respect simply by keeping your clothes on and not getting those cameras out.

When you do stuff like this, you can’t blame other people. You are the one who took the photos. You are the one who filmed the videos. You are the one who took those gadgets, took your clothes off and pushed the button. So don’t blame the hackers. Don’t blame the 4Chan message board or any other hacking site. The only one that should take the blame is you.

Before it happened to Jennifer Lawrence, celebrities get their nude photos and porn videos leaked to the internet all the time. It’s just that nobody showed compassion to them until Jennifer did it. I’m tired of seeing people siding with Jennifer and feeling sorry for her. This was her own fault and I’m sticking with my opinion. She will never admit it and she’s blaming everyone else ’cause of her “celebrity”.

If you have this stuff nude selfies or porn videos, people are gonna try to get their hands on it. That’s just the way this world works. People don’t just do it to embarrass or humiliate this person… they also do it ’cause this world is obsessed with sex and pornography. That’s what the world wants to see. Just admit it, y’all. This is one crazy ass world that we live in.


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