Paul Feig talks more on “Ghostbusters” re-boot…

Originally, Dan Aykroyd visioned this movie as a continuation of some sort, leaving off from where “Ghosbusters II” ended. Dan’s original idea was that he wanted new recruits for the new Ghostbusters… 3 new young males and 1 female being trained by the 4 original Ghostbusters (Ray, Peter, Winston and Egon). Since Harold Ramis passed away, Ivan Reitman stepped down from directing and Bill Murray finally saying “No”… the creative direction spiraled out of control and the story had to make some changes.

After Sony approached director Paul Feig, Paul gave them the idea that he wanted the Ghostbusters to be all female and Sony agreed with the idea.

Paul explains that this new movie is a complete reboot. A new origin story. It will not have anything to do with the previous Ghostbusters films at all. Kind of like “Man of Steel” not having anything to do with the earlier Superman films. Paul doesn’t explain the plot to the new Ghostbusters, he’s keeping it under wraps for now but he does give us some of his ideas a little bit.

More here:

Am I the only one who haven’t seen “Bridesmaids” or “The Heat”? I’m not a chick flick kind of guy so I’d probably stay away from these movies and from what I’ve seen both of those movies got mixed reviews.

Even though I am losing interest in the new “Ghostbusters” film, I still hope we get a Louis Tully cameo. Rick Moranis coming back for a short role would be awesome. Seeing the new “Ghostbusters” film for Louis Tully alone would be worth it!!! If Louis Tully comes back that would be good enough to be in line for it.

I’m still betting my money that Melissa McCarthy is gonna be the first one to get casted.


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