Sony still wants Bill Murray for “Ghostbusters” all-female reboot film…

Sony won’t leave Bill Murray alone on being in the new “Ghostbusters” re-boot film. If you think about it, when Bill responded to the idea that he liked the all-female Ghosbusters… he never really said, “No, he’s not gonna be in it”. He just gave the new plot idea positive feedback. Since the new “Ghostbusters” film will be all female, it’ll be impossible for Bill to have a leading role in the film.

Sony kept bugging Bill to be in the new “Ghostbusters” film and they still are bugging him about it. Bill kept turning it down ’cause he didn’t want to be in another big studio franchise; however, he did say that he is open for a cameo appearance if the script was right. So that means that Bill is not ruling out an appearance in the film. He’s saying never say never.

I don’t care how long of an appearance Bill Murray gets for the film, I just want him to be involved somehow since it won’t be a “Ghostbusters” movie without him. A cameo for Bill would be fine. I’m all for that!


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