Why is Hollywood so obsessed with demonic possession films??? I just don’t get it…

For the last several years, Hollywood have made too many horror films based on demonic possession. Maybe some people are right that Hollywood can’t think of anything new??? I just finished watching the film, “Devil’s Due” with Zach Gilford and it’s one of the worst films I’ve ever seen. It was dumb.

I think Hollywood’s obsession all started with the “Paranormal Activity” franchise obviously. Well, Hollywood have been making demon possession movies long before then ever since “The Exorcist”… “The Exorcist” with Linda Blair pretty much started it all but when the first, “Paranormal Activity” movie came out… Hollywood started making those movies like crazy.

Lets list all of the demonic possession movies over the years other than “The Exorcist” and “Paranormal Activity” franchise… “The Rite”, “The Devil Inside”, “The Possession”, “Requiem”, “Deliver Us From Evil”, the Evil Dead franchise, etc. This list can go on forever.

There are too many films where people get their bodies taken over by the devil. What’s with this trend in Hollywood? Do they keep making these movies ’cause they know they help make the money in the box office and they know that this stuff is what people wanna see?

No, I think it’s a possibility that these film makers might be “secret” satanists themselves. Think about it, right? They wouldn’t be making these movies if they didn’t have an interest in the devil. They had to do so much research about Satanism before making the movie. They seem to know so much about it.

It’s pretty strange and at the same time kind of scary that Hollywood is obsessed with Satanism in movies. I do love horror films but I’m not really a big fan of these demonic possession stuff except the only films that I liked were the original “Exorcist” and I do like “The Paranormal Activity” franchise. I did see “Deliver Us From Evil” w/ Eric Bana and that was really good but that’s about it. I don’t really believe in demonic possession, really and these movies try to make it look believable.

I love horror films, it’s my favorite genre but I mostly like to watch slasher flicks, old horror films and serial killer type stuff. I’m not into those Satanic kind of movies that much. I try to stay away from those.

It’s interesting how Hollywood is all over Satanic movies lately. Hollywood is not gonna stop making these movies any time soon. These Exorcism movies are getting old. I’m tired of them really. Only “The Exorcist” was a masterpiece film. No other exorcism or Satanist movie will ever top what “The Exorcist” did. I’m sure you all would agree with me on that one.


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