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“Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension” teaser arrives online…

I’ve seen all the Paranormal Activity films. I don’t understand all the hate toward the franchise. In my opinion, the storytelling is very good! I love the mystery of Katy and where they’re going with her. So far, there’s been 5 P.A. films. 4 of the original series and there’s that spinoff, “The Marked Ones”.

If you give these movies a chance, you would see that they can be kind of disturbing and scary as hell.

The next movie here is supposed to be the last one and should give us answers of what happened to Katy. A lot of people saw the first one but they just gave up on all the others. I didn’t though. I stuck with the series ’cause I thought the stories were pretty interesting to me. What happened to Katy? WHy did she disappear and come back as a demon of some sort? It has something to do with some kind of religious cult. She might be a possessed demon. Not sure.

We’ll find out everything in this next movie. I’m a huge fan of these movies.


Why is Hollywood so obsessed with demonic possession films??? I just don’t get it…

For the last several years, Hollywood have made too many horror films based on demonic possession. Maybe some people are right that Hollywood can’t think of anything new??? I just finished watching the film, “Devil’s Due” with Zach Gilford and it’s one of the worst films I’ve ever seen. It was dumb.

I think Hollywood’s obsession all started with the “Paranormal Activity” franchise obviously. Well, Hollywood have been making demon possession movies long before then ever since “The Exorcist”… “The Exorcist” with Linda Blair pretty much started it all but when the first, “Paranormal Activity” movie came out… Hollywood started making those movies like crazy.

Lets list all of the demonic possession movies over the years other than “The Exorcist” and “Paranormal Activity” franchise… “The Rite”, “The Devil Inside”, “The Possession”, “Requiem”, “Deliver Us From Evil”, the Evil Dead franchise, etc. This list can go on forever.

There are too many films where people get their bodies taken over by the devil. What’s with this trend in Hollywood? Do they keep making these movies ’cause they know they help make the money in the box office and they know that this stuff is what people wanna see?

No, I think it’s a possibility that these film makers might be “secret” satanists themselves. Think about it, right? They wouldn’t be making these movies if they didn’t have an interest in the devil. They had to do so much research about Satanism before making the movie. They seem to know so much about it.

It’s pretty strange and at the same time kind of scary that Hollywood is obsessed with Satanism in movies. I do love horror films but I’m not really a big fan of these demonic possession stuff except the only films that I liked were the original “Exorcist” and I do like “The Paranormal Activity” franchise. I did see “Deliver Us From Evil” w/ Eric Bana and that was really good but that’s about it. I don’t really believe in demonic possession, really and these movies try to make it look believable.

I love horror films, it’s my favorite genre but I mostly like to watch slasher flicks, old horror films and serial killer type stuff. I’m not into those Satanic kind of movies that much. I try to stay away from those.

It’s interesting how Hollywood is all over Satanic movies lately. Hollywood is not gonna stop making these movies any time soon. These Exorcism movies are getting old. I’m tired of them really. Only “The Exorcist” was a masterpiece film. No other exorcism or Satanist movie will ever top what “The Exorcist” did. I’m sure you all would agree with me on that one.


The Brock’s Horror Film Pick #17: Paranormal Activity 1, 2, 3

In honor of “Paranormal Activity 4” coming out this Friday, which I plan on seeing definitely, I thought I would do the first three films here. I love all the Paranormal Activity series. Love what they’re doing with the Katie Featherston story. I’m just addicted to it, and looking forward to how they’re going to end this story. Still though, I don’t think “P.A. 4” will be the final movie. They’re going to keep going with the series as long as each movie makes a lot of money. A lot of people have mix feelings on this franchise. You either love ’em or hate ’em, but these series are true horror at it’s finest. I don’t have these movies on BluRay yet, but planning on getting these films in my collection soon. I’m going to wait until, “P.A. 4” arrives on Blu, and then they’ll put together a boxed set. I think it’s great storytelling with these movies. I’m definitely looking forward to “4” and interested in how the story will continue. This is a great franchise. I like the low budget found footage movies.


“Paranormal Activity” was true horror at it’s best, and you haters out there know it!!!

When the film “Paranormal Activity” first came out earlier in the year, the film became a huge success and it was a controversial film. It was being advertised and hyped as the “most scariest” horror film of all time. The film is about a young couple that moves into a home and discovers the home being haunted. So Micah, the boyfriend does some investigation to hunt for this ghost or a demon or maybe it could be a live human being trying to scare the shit out of them. You just never know which one it could be. The boyfriend, Micah, obsesssively tries to track down this ghost that he may thinks it would be by talking with it by an Ouijia Board and filming everything with a video camera. The ghost or this demon seems to be more interested in his girlfriend, Katie and not him. Micah would even film the couple while they’re sleeping in bed so they can videotape what the ghost is doing at night while they are asleep. Strange things happen in the house, like loud banging noises and the Oujia board moving by itself, all that ghostly stuff.

Throughout the film, you try to figure out if all this ghost stuff was supposed to be real in it. Like if Katie or Micah was faking it, fooling around with this ghost thing. The whole film was mysterious. The writer of the film did a great job keeping the film unpredictable, and that’s what horror films needs. Being unpredictable. Being scary, doesn’t always have to be about blood and guts, and naked women. Leave that to the teen slasher flicks. The film was trashed and hated on by critics and movie fans. I would have to say that they are all wrong. In defense of this movie, I would have to say this is a true horror film. Yes, it was actually very scary, the way horror should have been. The film had a very shocking ending, it even shocked me.

I want to say that I absolutely liked the film a lot. Why can’t horror films of today be like this? Films that are dark and creepy without murder and not being a popcorn flick? The film was shot very low budget, handheld camera type, the way it should be. The film was pretty realistic. I liked this film more than the, “Blare Witch Project” for many reasons. The “Blare Witch Project” was aweful, but “Paranormal Activity” was better.

This film, “P.A.” has all the things that the horror genre have been missing for many years!!! It kept you questioning. It kept you guessing, oh my god, what will happen now. Things like that. You keep thinking, what will happen to that couple. Will they live or will they die? It was very close to being an Edgar Allan Poe or an H.P. Lovecraft story. Something that Stephen King would have written too even.

As for the alternate ending of, “P.A.”, many people think the alternate ending was better and people say it would be a better movie if they used the alternate ending but I disagree. I’m glad the alternate ending wasn’t used, ’cause there is a reason they took it out and wouldn’t work. It wouldn’t make any sense if they used it. They had to keep it mysterious as possible. Things you have to ask yourself, was this Katie girl possesed? Or was she perfectly sane and was in a murderous rampage?

So for those who hate it, have to think about these things. I love films like “Quarantine”, “The Strangers” and “Paranormal Activity” ’cause they were true horror films that were very scary. We need more horror films like this. Forget the blood and guts, and the entertaining popcorn slashers, that’s not horror. This is. Maybe that’s why people hated, “P.A.” because they were used to seeing all the new mainstream horror films and they couldn’t get used to seeing something different.

The director and writer of this film, Oren Peli, is a genius. This will be a classic and essential film 20 years from now. I’m going to have to buy my own copy of the DVD and now I wished I’ve seen this in theater. If so many people hated it and said it was crap, maybe that was the whole point, trying to get people to be disturbed by it. Maybe it was the director’s intention to get people not to like it, if you know what I mean. If so many people didn’t like it, then he succeeded of making this a great movie.

This movie was wonderfully done. Loved it!