This Star Wars movie could have no lens-flares… I didn’t see any in the trailer…

One thing that impressed me with the new “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” trailer is that it didn’t have any lens flares effects. A lot of us expected that the film will be full of lens flares since JJ is so obsessed with that camera effect but look like we aren’t gonna see any in Star Wars 7. Why did JJ decided to ditch the lens flares for Star Wars 7???

I would think that in order to keep the film, George Lucas styled… and for the film to be more like the original trilogy, he would have to get rid of the lens flares. He didn’t want to ruin the magic of what a true Star Wars film would be. He wanted to keep the fans happy and give them what they want so he ditched the lens flares.

There’s gonna be less CGI and less green screen in this film ’cause most of it was filmed for real… kind of like how George Lucas filmed them, ya know?

Seeing no lens flares was awesome. Hopefully there won’t be any of that at all in the film ’cause honestly, I’m with everyone else that JJ’s lens flare effects is pretty lame and silly. It’ll be nice if we didn’t see any of that in the new Star Wars movie.


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