Jennifer Lawrence also considered for “Ghostbusters” role???

I remember when I listed my choice of actresses for the upcoming all-female reboot of “Ghostbusters”, I remember mentioning Jennifer Lawrence being one of them. Look like my prediction on Jennifer Lawrence being one of the new Ghostbusters is gonna be right.

So far, the new female Ghostbusters is looking like it’s gonna be Rebel Wilson and Jennifer Lawrence. Who are gonna be the other two? I’m glad Jennifer is gonna be in this ’cause after the successful “Hunger Games” franchise, she’s gonna need another big franchise and Ghostbusters is perfect for her. This would make the third big franchise for Jennifer so far she has the “Hunger Games”, “X-Men” and looks like “Ghostbusters” is gonna be next.

Jennifer doesn’t have a comedic background too much but she’ll still make a great Ghostbuster. She could probably do the comedy thing quite well although she mostly does drama and action movies.

Who are the other two ladies gonna be???

Kristen Wiig maybe. Sarah Silverman is not a bad idea as well.


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