For some reason, “American Sniper” is not playing anywhere around here at all… and I just found out why…

I just found out that Clint Eastwood’s new movie, “American Sniper” based on the Chris Kyle story will only be released in a few selected theaters in the United States and then I looked on the film’s official website and have seen that the film will be playing everywhere in January… Kinda sucks. I was looking forward to seeing the movie but looks like I will have to wait to see it until January.

I will be going to the movies sometime after Christmas this weekend so I’m gonna have to see something else. I’m thinking about going to check out “Unbroken” the Angelina Jolie directed WWII film. Either that or “The Gambler” with Mark Wahlberg. Not sure yet. Probably gonna go with “Unbroken” simply because I love Angie and enjoy supporting her work.

I’m not gonna get near the new “Hobbit” film ’cause I’m done with those. The “Hobbit” movies are really bad, in my opinion. I watched the first two in theater and I don’t think I’m gonna see the third. Why am I disappointed with the “Hobbit”??? I was expecting them to be more like the book but typically Peter Jackson turned it into “Lord of the Rings” when the book wasn’t supposed to be that way. So far the trilogy isn’t faithful to the book at all. Legolas and Galadriel weren’t characters in the book but sure enough they had to be in the movie adaptation so they can give a more “Lord of The Rings” feeling. I think they just did it so LOTR fanatics can go and see it. Plus, all the CGI in the films gave me a headache and the films so far are nothing but a big popcorn fest. I’ll still see the third film, it can wait for DVD rental.


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