Song Of The Day: “Walk Like A Giant” by Neil Young & Crazy Horse

Neil Young has always been a hero of mine musically. Whether he does acoustic or full band electric, I love everything the man does. So far, I have 15 of his albums in my collection and counting! Yeah, I’m that big of a fan and trying to collect all of his discography of albums as best as I can. Neil is a rock genius. “Psychedelic Pill” is the best album he did with Crazy Horse, in my opinion.

This track maybe long but it’s my favorite off the album. It’s just an amazing rock tune. Neil’s lead guitar playing just melts your face, big time. I love all the overdrive effects in this song. Just a badass rock tune.

Why are kids these days listening to garbage like Rihanna, Kanye or One Direction when everybody should be listening to Neil Young instead?


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