All female Ghostbusters cast finally revealed and it sucks!!!

What happened to Rebel Wilson? They decided they didn’t want her — either that or she turned it down or what?

Anyway, we all knew that Melissa McCarthy is gonna be involved ’cause Paul Feig worked on a few movies with her in the past. I’m not happy with the rest of the cast, though.

I’m already smelling a box office bomber. Nobody’s gonna see this if the original guys aren’t gonna be involved, ya know?

The only people that will probably be interested in seeing this movie are newbies who knows nothing about Ghostbusters like women and children for example. The long-time die-hards are NOT gonna be interested in this film, I can tell ya that right now.

I know I keep saying that I shouldn’t negatively judge a movie early but I’m doing it for this one. This film is gonna suck hard.

It’s interesting to see that Sony vows to move forward to get this film made when they very well know that no one wants it to happen. I want a “Ghostbusters 3” like they originally planned, not a freakin’ reboot.

How much do you wanna bet this film is gonna flop? If it becomes a hit, that would be shocking.


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