Dan Aykroyd finally speaks on new all-female “Ghostbusters”… he praises the casting but ignores the fans requests to “leave it” alone…

Dan Aykroyd finally releases statement now that the casting have been revealed and he says the casting is “magnificent”. It’s pretty clear that Dan and Sony studios are not listening to the fans commentary. They are pretty desperate in getting this film made for sure. There are too many fans begging them to leave this film alone but it’s obvious the crew behind the new “Ghostbusters” don’t care what the fans think. It’s pretty amazing isn’t it?


Last time I checked, Dan have been talking about for years that he originally wanted the original Ghostbusters to pass the torch to three males and 1 female, I think. Originally they wanted this film to be a continuation, not a reboot but since Harold Ramis died and Ivan Reitman pulled out… there have been sudden changes.

I think the only reason they’re making this all-female is that their delusional minds, an all-female Ghostbusters would be a “hit”. Well all the long time Ghostbusters fans have responded and they’re not welcoming that idea. Nobody wants this to happen.

Will any of the original “Ghostbusters” be involved? I wouldn’t be surprised that Bill Murray will finally agree to sign on to it just to draw people into to see this but even Bill being in it wouldn’t be able to save it.

We wanted the original 4 in the film but since Harold passed away they should have killed the project altogether. I hope this film flops hard.


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