Do women like men with muscles and six pack abs? I’d say yes they do! Don’t let them fool you…

After the trailer of “Magic Mike XXL” got released yesterday, of course, women on the internet went nuts over the trailer. Women would make claims that they are not attracted to men with muscles and a six pack but don’t listen to their lies. After the “Magic Mike XXL” trailer dropped yesterday, women started obsessing over the trailer. Sharing it all over the place on facebook and twitter. I think it’s safe to say that they are attracted to muscles and a six pack. They’re just really good at hiding it until now.

I haven’t even seen the trailer myself yet and I haven’t even seen the first film either. Is it possible for guys to look like those actors in the “Magic Mike” movies?

Yes, I believe it can be possible. Just work out hard, eat right most of the time, do your cardio and anything is possible. Don’t listen to the haters and doubters if you wanna look like that. Admittedly, that is kind of my own goal is to hopefully look like that.

Yeah, I’m still doing the fitness and bodybuilding thing. Still doing it all year round even throughout the fall & winter seasons.

If you wanna attract more ladies, getting into bodybuilding would help. Ever since I got into bodybuilding like 4 or 5 years ago, I’ve had more women approach me and talk to me — it’s a great feeling, ya know? They do like fit & muscular guys… don’t let ’em fool you.

Should I watch the Magic Mike movies myself, though??? These movies weren’t made just for women alone, this franchise was also made for “straight” men (Yes, I am 100% “straight”), see this interesting article on why straight guys should see these movies too:

So maybe I should check ’em out? I’ll have to think about it. I won’t see these movies in theater but DVD rental, probably.


One thought on “Do women like men with muscles and six pack abs? I’d say yes they do! Don’t let them fool you…”

  1. Magic Mike has a great physique, yes, but he’s also an awesome dancer which is a skill that is very attractive to women. Not to mention fame, career, and good face. That being said, a great abs never hurt any guys chances!

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