Why are people afraid to say that Bobbi Kristina did this to herself???

I find it interesting how people refuse to acknowledge Bobbi Kristina’s own responsibility to how she is now. Whatever drugs she took, the media refuses to say what happened to her. They refuse to say how she got in that coma. People are still being silent about her possible drug overdose. Even her supporters won’t acknowledge her drug overdose, instead you see people sending her prayers and being compassionate. People were quick to target other celebrities for dying of a drug overdose such as Whitney Houston, Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Michael Jackson but people are being compassionate for Bobbi K.

Yeah, there are some people on the internet that acknowledge’s Bobbi K’s own responsibility of drug use but when they call out on that, her supporters will attack them saying they should be more respectful and more compassionate. You see it all over social networking.

While my heart goes out to the friends and family of the Brown family, they and the media should accept Bobbi K’s own responsibility to what she did to herself. Sure enough, they are trying to make it look like someone else did this to her. They just don’t wanna believe she did to herself, she made that decision to get on drugs.

It’s looking like that Bobbi K. isn’t gonna make it and people are making all kinds of speculation that she wants to die so she can be in peace with her mother.

All of this is pretty sad yes but people have to accept the fact that junkies do this to themselves. Why won’t people accept that Bobbi K. did to herself? Why are people so protective of her with her drug addiction? Is it because she is young and black? That whole Brown/Houston family had a history of drug addiction that includes the rapper Bobby.

From the looks of things Bobby and Whitney both made their daughter this way. They were really bad parents while Bobbi K. was growing up and she learned to take drugs from her parents…. check out this article for proof on that. Bobby and Whitney even smoked crack in front of her while she was a little girl…


People wants to believe that Bobbi K. became a drug addict right after Whitney died but from the looks of things look like Bobbi K. was a drug addict long before then even back when Whitney was alive. I’m sure Bobbi K’s drug addiction got a lot worse after Whitney’s death, however.

Bobby and Whitney were bad parents. This maybe hard on Bobby but he did this to himself as well. He should be ashamed of himself and this is what he got. This is what he did to his own daughter and he did this to Whitney too.


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