Review of the Oscars last night…

Yes, I did watch the Oscars last night. As usual, it turned out disappointing like they usually have been for the last several years. I was enjoying Neil Patrick Harris as host up until the point where he stripped down to his underwear and walked out on the stage half naked. I mean, did we really need to see that??? This isn’t “Magic Mike”. This is the Oscars. A family friendly event for national TV. I guess N.P.H. was desperate for attention and he got it. Sure, he is fit and in shape but he didn’t need to show that to the whole world. I’m sure all the gay men out there loved it, though. Whenever women show themselves half naked on award shows, they get into so much trouble for it by the media but I’m sure N.P.H. will get no flak for what he did. He’s a guy and he’s gay so that’s exactly how he’s gonna get away with it.

The awards given was disappointing like usual; however, I’m happy that “Ida” won for “Best Foreign Film”… that really was a good movie. I’m also happy that “Big Hero 6” won for “Best Animated Film”, that means Marvel just won their first Oscar and the Academy has never been too friendly with superhero films. It maybe an animated film but maybe a live-action superhero film winning an Oscar can be possible now.

My prediction of Patricia Arquette winning for “Best Supporting Actress” was exactly right as I figure she was gonna get it but her acceptance speech was a joke. Typical liberal, Hollywood. Nothing new. She promoted, “equal pay for women” and I’m like, what? She’s rich. A millionaire so why would she bring that up? Of course, when she said that, all the celebrity women in the audience went nuts. Meryl Streep’s reaction to Patricia’s speech was hilarious. These are all rich as hell women and they want “equal pay for women”? Doesn’t make a bit of sense of me.

Anyway, most of last night’s Oscars had “liberal” written all over it ’cause that’s what it is. Liberal Hollywood.

It was predictable that Bradley Cooper was gonna lose and “American Sniper” was gonna lose for “Best Picture” so American Sniper ended up winning one award which is for “Best Sound Editing”. They only did that just to give the film, “something”, ya know? “American Sniper” should have won everything but of course, the film couldn’t win the big awards ’cause I’m sure the Academy didn’t want to honor a “racist” film and they didn’t want to upset the liberals.

That is also the reason why “Selma” won for “Best Original Song” instead of “Everything Is Awesome” the Lego Song which I’m sure everyone was expecting to win. They just gave “Selma” best original song ’cause they knew they weren’t gonna win for “Best Picture” and they had to give “Selma” something as a way to keep Al Sharpton happy. If no blacks won anything, you can very well believe that Al Sharpton and his race baiting buddies would whine and cry about “diversity”. They just did that to save themselves from a media backlash.

As for “Birdman” winning for “Best Picture”, I’m probably one of the very few who haven’t seen that film yet but I’m glad that film won “Best Picture” though. “Birdman” winning the big night is better than “Boyhood” or “Selma” winning so I’ll take it. I do wanna see “Birdman”, it does look like an interesting movie and will see it when it’s available for DVD rental. It’s also a real shame that Michael Keaton lost to Best Actor too.

Last night’s Oscars was okay but could have been better. If you didn’t watch last night’s show, here are the winners:


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