Bill Ward vs. Black Sabbath feud continues…

Yesterday, Bill Ward of Black Sabbath posted this. Still bitching about that “signable” contract in order for him to re-join…

Ozzy responds, calling Bill Ward out and even went as far as bashing him publicly… read it here, it’s actually pretty funny and I can totally see him saying this in his typical Ozzy voice…

I don’t know too much about the industry and all but from what I understand, there is no “signable” contract when playing in bands in the national industry is there? I don’t think so. I don’t think members sign on to join bands. When people join bands in the major labels, the musicians ask if you wanna join and that’s it. I believe there is nothing “signable”. When legendary bands reunite, they don’t sign anything. They just get together just like any band would, ya know?

So I think Bill is full of shit when he claims he should sign a negotiable contract. I think he’s definitely has something to hide like his health problems like Ozzy has been saying.

I wish fans would wake up, get themselves educated and stop siding with Bill ’cause they shouldn’t trust him either. Bill is just being a greedy douchebag and I’ve been saying that ever since this feud started. The guys in Sabbath will welcome Bill back in the band anytime, Bill is just being greedy and difficult about it. Ozzy and Bill are both telling their sides of the story.

Why can’t Bill stop this “signable” contract bullshit and just play? Isn’t that what music is about is playing for the love of it? Maybe Ozzy is right that Bill is just using his “signable” contract excuses as a cover for his health problems.

I feel a big lawsuit battle coming. Who’s gonna sue first?


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