David Lynch back on board to direct “Twin Peaks” revival…

David Lynch bailed out. Fans & supporters complained and protested. David Lynch listened to you all and he answered. He’s back on “Twin Peaks” return to direct. I’ll have to agree that the show can’t be done without him. I’ll admit it’s not “Twin Peaks” without David.

What I love about David Lynch movies and TV shows is that he likes to make his stories that could be put in your own interpretation, if you know what I mean. That’s why they’re all difficult to figure out what they’re about, ya know? With movies like, “Eraserhead”, “Blue Velvet”, “The Elephant Man”, “Mulholland Drive”, “Lost Highway”, etc. I’ve seen all of Lynch’s films. I just love his weirdness and crazy storytelling. Without David Lynch, the “Twin Peaks” revival would lose it’s strange storytelling that David is good at.He wants you to figure out his stories are about yourself.

So I’m glad Showtime and Lynch are back on good terms again.

Yeah, Lynch maybe a big time liberal and Obama supporter but I don’t give a shit about Hollywood’s political views. I just like their art and their stories. Lynch is a great storyteller. His work is pretty addicting stuff.

I won’t be able to watch the new “Twin Peaks” since I don’t have Showtime anymore but I could wait for DVD or Netflix streaming.


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