Is Joe Bonamassa overrated??? I’d say no…

A lot of musicians would declare that Joe Bonamassa is overrated. I’d say no and would say that he is actually underrated. Very underrated in fact. He’s not much of a mainstream artist. You hardly ever see him on guitar magazine covers. He does get featured in guitar magazines often but I don’t see him on the cover that much. You never see his albums in the top 200 of the Billboard charts. His albums may sell well in the blues charts but the main charts, no. So Joe overrated??? Not even close, in my opinion.

If you want a blues guitarist who is overrated, that would be John Mayer. I was never a John Mayer fan to begin with… I think Joe is way better than John.

I have also been getting into Joe Bonamassa a lot. He’s a genius guitar player, a great singer and songwriter too. Joe is also most famous for being a guitar collector and gear junkie. Seriously this guy is a music gear addict. He has thousands of guitars and amps in his home. Mostly vintage stuff. Some of you would accuse Joe of being a spoiled rich guy for getting all that music gear for himself but come on now. He deserves it. He did pretty well in his music career. He’s been playing guitar in bands since he was a child. He did pretty well for himself ’cause he released most of his albums on his own label. He certainly didn’t need a major or an indie label to release his music ’cause this dude did it all on his own.

I think Joe is a genius and he’s a phenomenal live performer, of course. He is coming to perform a concert in my area at SPAC in Saratoga Springs later this summer and I’d really like to go but don’t think I can afford it. He’s coming Aug. 10 and actually, I’m still thinking about going to that show ’cause I would like to get my chance to see him live. I haven’t been to a national concert in many years and this would be a good one for me to go.

Joe is awesome. I’m listening to his album “Sloe Gin” on Apple Music as I type this.

Joe should be respected. He plays his own instruments and writes his own songs. He’s one of the few good musicians left in this industry while most everyone obsesses over Justin Bieber and Kanye West.



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