Teachers and principals retiring from school ’cause of Common Core????

I’ve just heard that a lot of teachers and principals are retiring from schools locally ’cause Common Core has taken over. A lot of school employees & staff have been quitting ’cause of Common Core. Teachers & principals leaving their jobs ’cause of Common Core has been on the rise since 2008, since the year Obama got elected and it has gotten much worse today. Common Core has already taken over most local schools around the USA. It has even taken over most schools around the Upstate NY area where I live. It’s even taken over BOCES and Greenwich Central School, schools that I used to go to.

Why would teachers and conservatives be against “Common Core”? Well these would be the reasons…


For the most part, nobody wants a Federal takeover of education. Education should be local like it used to be and this is another reason we need Donald Trump in office ’cause he vows to destroy Common Core if he gets elected.

Common Core is just another attempt at Obama destroying America, that’s why he’s trying to push it out there. Common Core is also bad ’cause they give you wrong math answers and their education is pretty “liberal”. They will teach you to have liberal beliefs in politics.

Of course, liberals blindly thinks Common Core is good and it works. Maybe all these teachers and principals being against Common Core has conservative views, probably but Common Core shouldn’t be looked at as a “right vs. left” thing. Everybody should be against it. Anything Obama touches is gonna be bad and disastrous for the country. This administration wants a federal take over on everything in America. He wants a federal takeover on our law enforcement, the internet, our water, education, healthcare, etc. He wants to control everything. Just more attempts to destroy America.

Not only we have to get rid of Obamacare… we gotta get rid of Common Core as well. Common Core is very dangerous and evil like Obamacare.


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