The new female “Ghostbusters” spotted in uniform on set…

I think they look kind of cute actually. Notice the hair on Kate McKinnon who is the blonde. Is she the female version of Egon? That means that Leslie Jones is the female version of Winston. Melissa the female version of Ray. Kristen the female version of Peter? That’s what it’s kind of looking like to me. I’m sure we’ll see a pic of them with proton packs strapped on pretty soon.

Even though people are still trashing this movie, there are more people starting to like it with all of these new pics so now with the “mixed” responses… that’s actually a good thing. I predict a lot more people will like it once the trailer comes out.

Today is the Ghostbusters panel at SDCC so I hope we hear more big news from it. I still hope the original Ghostbusters will still be involved in the film, though. Hopefully… Dan, Bill and Ernie will have cameos.

Could Peter Venkman get slimed by Slimer again? That would be kind of funny… Peter and Slimer reunite.


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