The new Lamb of God album “VII: Sturn Und Drang” was really really good, best album so far this year!

This album by Lamb of God, “VII: Sturn Un Drang” was really really good. I was really impressed and blown away by it. It is a very strong, powerful and tight album. I listened to it two times in a row earlier this morning and plan on listening to it again later tonight.

Randy Blythe is at his best with the singing and so is the rest of the band with their playng. I only heard a couple of LOG albums which are “Wrath” and “Sacrament” but I’ll give the rest of their albums a listen soon ’cause I got all their albums saved in my Apple Music library too.

Lamb of God is a really good band, I enjoy them. I saw them live in concert too when they opened for Metallica. It was a great opportunity to see LOG.

If you like heavy music, you would dig this album too. Check out the tunes below for a little preview.


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