Corey Taylor of Slipknot bashes pop and he’s so right!

An unmasked Corey Taylor here explains his reasoning for hating pop music and he brings up a lot of valid points. I can understand why Gene Simmons would declare that “rock is dead” ’cause pop music is simply dominating the industry. It’s unfair for rock & metal acts. There are so many talented rock & metal acts that deserve the same mainstream exposure like Slipknot, Dream Theater, Lamb of God and many others. Many rock & metal bands struggle to get high in the Billboard charts ’cause pop & country is always dominating.

Pop & country is a dominating force these days ’cause it helps the music business make the big money. That’s pretty much it really. The industry don’t really care about rock bands anymore which is sad. Today’s country music would be considered “pop” music ’cause country music is sounding way too pop these days as well, ya know?

Pop music is really inappropriate music for young kids to listen to ’cause most of is about “sex” anyways. There’s too much sex all over pop music. Why do you think there are so many pop music videos with half naked women all over them and shaking their booty and stuff? It’s getting old.


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